CareCorrals: A Virtual Metropolis of Love and Empathy

They are our loyal companions and beloved family members. They make us happy and give us something to look forward to when we come home. “They” are our pets, and they deserve to be treated like any other beloved member of the family. Here at All Pets Veterinary Hospital, we’ve provided a micro-community for pet owners to connect with friends and family to share their love for their pets. It’s called CareCorrals, and it’s available through our partnership with PrizedPals. CareCorrals is a secure, Web-based program that has been helping people network and share stories of their pets for years.

CareCorrals includes features that allow people to easily and conveniently shift their focus more to their pets and other loved ones while offering support to those who need it. Whether you need emotional support or want to offer it to someone else, this program allows you to do both. Signing up for CareCorrals is quick and easy. Just click the link at the bottom of this page to get started. Then, you can start inviting your family and friends to create their own personalized, private CareCorrals. Only invitees can participate.

CareCorralsWhat You Get with CareCorrals

  • Private blog that creates opportunities for various interactions among loved ones all over the country
  • iHelp interactive calendar that makes it easy to get engaging support, energy, love, and resources from loved ones
  • Social storytelling, which is an interactive approach to celebrating warm memories in the actual voices and photos of your loved ones
  • Photo sharing, which is a fun, touching way to share heartfelt memories and relive wonderful experiences
  • 3D animations that explain a variety of medical and healthcare topics in an easy-to-understand manner
  • Bilingual options (English and Spanish)
  • Mobile-device friendly

Ready to start networking with your friends and family? Enroll in CareCorrals today!