Meet Our Supporting Staff in Nashua, NH

At All Pets Veterinary Hospital, we love pets, just like you! Our veterinary staff in Nashua is committed to making and keeping pets well throughout their lives while providing their owners with incomparable customer service. If you have any questions about our team, please let us know.


Practice Manager

Kelly earned her B.A. degree in English from Stonehill College in 2011 and has been working to help animals since 2014. She spent four years in fundraising at a nonprofit animal welfare organization, and two years in a management position at a veterinary hospital. Between those roles, Kelly worked in educational travel. While traveling for work in Costa Rica, Kelly encountered many free-roaming animals suffering from treatable illnesses. It was this experience that pulled her back to the work that is most meaningful to her. Kelly has a special interest in rabbits and other exotic pets. While working in a client service role during the challenging conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, Kelly spoke with many exotic-pet parents who had not established care with a veterinarian before their pet became ill. This made Kelly all the more passionate about preventive care for exotic pets, so that all pet parents can have the reassurance of quality care, and professionals they trust, in their time of need. In her free time, Kelly enjoys the company of her own pets, including 3 rabbits, 2 chinchillas, and a harness-trained tortoiseshell cat. She also volunteers with an all-rabbit shelter and educational organization. In the minimal time that Kelly does not spend with animals, you may find her on the trails enjoying a run, hike, or snowshoe excursion.


Client Service Manager

Renee graduated in 2014 from Rivier University where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. While she’s always had a strong passion for animals, she gained an interest in the veterinary industry while volunteering at an event for Monadnock Kitty Rescue & Adoption, which helped to raise money for a new shelter and place abandoned cats in loving homes.  In 2017, she was awarded her Master’s degree in Communications from Southern New Hampshire University with a focus in public relations and crisis communications. Renee is a published author who has been featured in several magazines.  When she is not busy working on her latest article, she enjoys spending time with her family and six cats Princess, Oakley, Nugget, Annabelle, Figaro, and Domino.


Office Manager/Inventory Manager

Liz attended Southern New Hampshire University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2009. She came to our hospital new to veterinary medicine, but has found a passion in helping clients care for their pets. She loves that she is constantly learning from her experiences at All Pets Veterinary Hospital, and can then educate clients. She lives with her husband Henry, her son Benjamin, and her dog Buckley. During her free time she enjoys being outside whenever she can, and loves spending time with family and friends.


Veterinary Assistant

Alexis worked in finance for several years before deciding to make a career change into the veterinary field! This was inspired by her dog Abbie, who she rescued last year. She is currently taking classes on the side to further her career in the veterinary field.


Veterinary Assistant

Ariah has always had a special place in her heart for animals ever since she was little. She graduated from Bedford High School in 2020 and is starting college with penn foster this year, in 2021. As soon as Ariah graduated she jumped right into the field as an assistant, eager to learn and care for other animals like her own. Ariah’s long term goal is to eventually own her own practice, or possibly become a veterinary orthopedic surgeon. In her free time Ariah enjoys doing cosmetology, going to the beach, and hanging out with her dog Tony.


Veterinary Assistant

Audrey is currently enrolled in vet science 2 at Alvirne High School. She enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her pets: Sonny, Snickerdoodle, and Apple Jax. After school, she enjoys running for the cross country and track teams.


Veterinarian Assistant

Colin has known that they wanted to work with animals since a young age. After graduating high school in 2020, they started work in a pet store as a Groom Tech. Eager to learn more about different types of animals they changed career paths and started working in the veterinary field. Colin spends most of their free time in climbing gyms and watching paint dry.


Veterinary Assistant

Dan is currently a student at Alvirne High School and recently joined our team. Dan is currently enrolled in the vet science course at his school, which is his absolute favorite class. Dan loves working in animal science. He loves everything about it from the people he’s met, to the things he has been able to do. Dan plans on attending college for pre-vet after high school, and his long term goal is to become a veterinarian.


Client Service Representative

Danielle has been involved in animal care professions for all her adult life and loves all species big and small. Since joining our hospital and the Client Care team, she has been brought so many smiles by having the exposure to see such a variety of pets  and being able to communicate with all those pet parents! She is also very active in the horse community, being treasurer of the New Hampshire Arabian Horse Association and working at local horse shows as a music provider and awards director. She shares her home with her husband, their 3 French Bulldogs, Chow Mein the cat and 2 Zebra Finches. Aside from spending time with animals, Danielle loves tending to her flower gardens and constantly adding new music to her playlists.


Veterinarian Technician

Brenna has been working with animals since 2018, when she started her veterinary career as an emergency room veterinary assistant while attending college. She received her B.S. in Animal Science from UMASS Amherst in 2021. Brenna has 2 Siberian Forest cats named Moose and Albus, and a tuxedo cat named Egg. In her free time she enjoys helping her neighbors care for their farm animals, doing puzzles, and spending time with her cats.

Danielle M

Veterinary Technician

Danielle entered the field of veterinary medicine after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology back in 2017. During her college career, Danielle worked as a zookeeper focusing on captive wildlife care and education. She completed her undergraduate internship on a remote island in the Caribbean where she aided in the conservation of the critically endangered Anegada Iguana. Initially aspiring to become a wildlife biologist, her career goals quickly changed after accepting a position in the veterinary field where she fell in love with caring for sick and injured animals. Danielle is now a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for the state of Massachusetts where she cares for debilitated wildlife in an effort to release them back into the wild. When not caring for animals, Danielle enjoys spending time with her husband Tyler, her dog Riley, and her cat Maverick.


Veterinary Technician

Desiree has worked in Veterinary medicine since 2001 when she started her career with animals as a kennel attendant.  She quickly moved up to a Technician Assistant and has now been a Veterinary for the past 14 years.  Her passion to help, heal, and advocate for animals is what led her to this career path.  She loves the “squishy face” breeds and is a proud mom of two French bulldogs Eddie and Cindy. Desiree and her husband Jim have a very busy household with three children ages 9, 6, and 2 with the newest addition being an orange tabby kitten named Roman.


Veterinary Technician

Devin has known he wanted to work with animals since childhood. He spent a lot of time helping his mom while she worked at a horse stable.  In 2012, Devin started working at an animal shelter where he provided compassionate care to animals in need for over 6 years.  He has also volunteered for a number of years with local animal rescue groups. Devin has a soft spot for small and exotic animals, and he especially loves working with bunnies.  In his free time Devin enjoys hiking and spending time with his girlfriend and their 3 rabbits, 2 chinchillas, and their tortoiseshell cat.


Veterinary Assistant

Erin has worked in animal care since 2007 when she started volunteering at the M.S.P.C.A. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife in 2009, but fell in love working with local pets and their families.  She has worked as a caregiver & adoption counselor for 10 years. In her free time, Erin enjoys volunteering on M.R.F.R.S.’s Catmobile, volunteering with Lowell Humane Society, hiking, gardening, camping, drive-in theater, and hanging out with her 2 cats Belladonna (Took) & Mr. Wentworth and her 2 beta fish Blitzkrieg & Lauper.


Veterinary Assistant

Jenna is currently a vet tech student at Mount Wachusett Community College, and has always had a love for all animals since she was a child. Jenna grew up with dogs always in the household and knew when she grew up she was going to work with all sorts of animals. For the last ten years Jenna has spent her summers at a sleep away camp in Strafford, NH where she founded their first farming program teaching campers how to grow crops and care for the farm animals there. Jenna also grew up riding horses, and working with cows at the farms near her house, and on her free time Jenna enjoys reading, listening to music, and hanging with her animals. Jenna has acquired quite the group of pets of her own including her two rabbits, two goats, two dogs, a rat, and her hamster. Jenna hopes to become a veterinary technician soon and to keep working to help all the animals she can!


Veterinary Assistant

Jessica was born and raised here in Nashua. Jessica graduated Nashua High School North in 2015 and immediately went into the human nursing field as a licensed nursing assistant. Jessica has always had a passion for animals and after being an LNA for a couple years, decided to finally follow her dream and start working in the veterinary field. Jessica is currently in school to get her associates degree in veterinary technology at San Juan college and her goal is to eventually work with large animals such as horses. Jessica spends most of her free time playing video games with her friends and with her Italian greyhound Iris and cat Noctis.


Veterinary Technician

Jo graduated from Mount Ida College with a bachelor of science degree in veterinary technology in 2000. She has been a technician for more than 16 years. Her experience has included emergency medicine, general practice, and large animal and specialty services (including internal medicine and critical care). She also spent 10 weeks at the New England Aquarium working with the penguins! She has two dogs named Charlotte and Luna and two cats named Fox and Samantha.


Veterinary Assistant

Kelsi is a CTE Student at Alvirne High School for Veterinary Science. She is in her second year of that class and is very much enjoying it. Kelsi’s regular school she attends is Nashua High School North. She loves swimming, cooking, baking, and wants to get into skiing this year. Kelsi hopes to really love this job with the experience she will get with the animals!


Client Service Representative

Leona has been a veterinary technician for 16 years, recently working for 5 years at the University of California, Davis in the veterinary teaching hospital as a specialty technician. Her experience at Davis includes working in radiation oncology, cardiology, ophthalmology and dermatology. She also has emergency and critical care experience. Her primary interests are in behavior and geriatric care for small animals. Away from work, Leona is an avid traveler who loves camping, hiking and snorkeling with her dog and husband. She also enjoys cuddling with her 16 and 20 year old kitties. While living in California she provided rescue and hospice care to several feral street cats in her neighborhood.


Veterinary Technician Supervisor

Lila graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2016 after studying Zoology. She has been in the veterinary field ever since, with a break to work in human emergency medicine during the pandemic. In her free time, Lila loves to read and hike, and she enjoys all things creepy and spooky. She and her husband serve as emotional support humans to several animals, including her beloved dog, Poppy.


Client Service Representative

Mayleen comes to us with over 10 years experience in customer service and experience in social media marketing. Prior to joining us, Mayleen worked as a human Pharmacy Technician for several years and handled multiple tasks in a fast paced environment. Mayleen decided to leave the human medical field to pursue and explore the animal side of the behavioral and medical field. Mayleen worked several years at a pet store caring for a variety of different species including canines, felines, reptiles, avian, insects, aquatic, and exotics and she was a Certified Pet Nutritionist ensuring food labels were up to par with AAFCO (American Feed Control Officials) standards. Mayleen joins our team with aspirations of becoming a veterinary technician and to expand her work with small and large exotics. Mayleen is currently the proud pet parent of a veiled chameleon, albino leopard gecko, guinea pig, two hamsters, and two dogs. She has owned an abundance of aquatics over the years such as betta fish, snails, dwarf frogs, and glo-fish. Mayleen loves teaching, doing volunteer and ministerial work on her days off; as well as spending time with her furever family and friends. Mayleen also loves to travel and has had the opportunity to visit Iceland, Norway, Hungary, and Czechia. Mayleen is in the process of learning Korean and Spanish!


Veterinary Assistant

Niamh started working in veterinary practices in 2016.

She currently pet sits in her free time and enjoys working with all animals. She has two cats that are named Jinx and Jupiter


Veterinary Technician

Teresa is a Certified Veterinary Technologist, who has been working in the field since 2009 with experience in general practice, specialty and emergency aspects. In 2009, she graduated from Mount Ida with a BS in Veterinary Technology. She has a young son and 3 cats. On her days off she enjoys spending time with them and working on craft projects.