Meet Our Supporting Staff in Nashua, NH

At All Pets Veterinary Hospital, we love pets, just like you! Our veterinary staff in Nashua is committed to making and keeping pets well throughout their lives while providing their owners with incomparable customer service. If you have any questions about our team, please let us know.


Office Manager/Inventory Manager

Liz attended Southern New Hampshire University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2009. She came to our hospital new to veterinary medicine, but has found a passion in helping clients care for their pets. She loves that she is constantly learning from her experiences at All Pets Veterinary Hospital, and can then educate clients. She lives with her husband Henry, her son Benjamin, and her two dogs Mojo and Buckley. During her free time she enjoys being outside whenever she can, and loves spending time with family and friends.


Operations Manager

Megan has been a Veterinary Technician for 29 years which has allowed her  the opportunity to work in many different aspects of veterinary medicine. Her main passions are surgical assistance and nursing care for hospitalized patients.

When not working, Megan is busy taking her son to all of his sporting events. They both enjoy the beach and outdoor activities. Megan has a horse retired in VA and a big lazy cat named Umpi who enjoys laying around the house.


Client Service Manager

Renee graduated in 2014 from Rivier University where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. While she’s always had a strong passion for animals, she gained an interest in the veterinary industry while volunteering at an event for Monadnock Kitty Rescue & Adoption, which helped to raise money for a new shelter and place abandoned cats in loving homes.  In 2017, she was awarded her Master’s degree in Communications from Southern New Hampshire University with a focus in public relations and crisis communications. Renee is a published author who has been featured in several magazines.  When she is not busy working on her latest article, she enjoys spending time with her family and six cats Princess, Oakley, Nugget, Annabelle, Figaro, and Domino.


Veterinary Technician

Jo graduated from Mount Ida College with a bachelor of science degree in veterinary technology in 2000. She has been a technician for more than 16 years. Her experience has included emergency medicine, general practice, and large animal and specialty services (including internal medicine and critical care). She also spent 10 weeks at the New England Aquarium working with the penguins! She has two dogs named Charlotte and Luna and two cats named Fox and Samantha.


Veterinary Technician

Jonathan grew up in Massachusetts where he graduated from Concord Carlisle High School in 2001. After graduation he tried different areas of studies but ultimately needed some guidance and direction. In 2005 he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  With one tour in Iraq and an honorable discharge, Jonathan moved back to the east coast in 2009.  Using the Post 9-11 GI Bill Jonathan attended Mount Ida College and graduated in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in veterinary technology. Since graduating, Jonathan has worked mainly in general practice but has experience as an ICU/ER technician.  Jonathan enjoys spending time with his family in his free time.


Veterinary Technician

Brittany earned her associates degree from The Vet Tech Institute. She has known from a young age that animals and medicine were her passion. She has never had a job that didn’t involve animals and has worked as a veterinary technician for 12 years now. Prior to that, she worked as a caregiver and adoption counselor at the local animal shelter.  Her favorite part of her role at the shelter was bottle feeding orphaned kittens, but her parents did not enjoy that she tried to keep them all.   Brittany has many animals of her own including 2 dogs named Macy and Trey, 4 cats named Buddy, Peanut, Atticus and Razz, a bearded dragon named Duckie, and Betta fish named Blue boy.  When she’s not working, Brittany enjoys spending time with her husband Jason and 3 daughters; Abigail, Avery and Ariana.


Veterinary Technician

Desiree has worked in Veterinary medicine since 2001 when she started her career with animals as a kennel attendant.  She quickly moved up to a Technician Assistant and has now been a Veterinary for the past 14 years.  Her passion to help, heal, and advocate for animals is what led her to this career path.  She loves the “squishy face” breeds and is a proud mom of two French bulldogs Eddie and Cindy. Desiree and her husband Jim have a very busy household with three children ages 9, 6, and 2 with the newest addition being an orange tabby kitten named Roman.


Client Service Specialist

Animal care is Erica’s passion and she loves being able to help them and connect with clients.  Erica graduated from high school in 2009.  She was very interested in agriculture and lived in Hawaii for two years farming.  Erica was certified in sustainable organic agriculture in 2015 through the University of Vermont farming training program. Erica fell into the animal hospital world in 2017 and has also worked in doggie daycares.  In her free time, Erica enjoys hiking, traveling, fishing, yoga, horseback riding, dog walking and pet sitting.


Client Care Representative

Shelley joined All Pets with over 22 years of experience in the veterinary field. Shelley earned her Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology from Northwestern Connecticut Community College and worked several years as a technician before she shifted her focus to customer care. She finds great joy in helping clients take those first steps toward doing the best they can to care for their pets. In her spare time, Shelley likes hiking, biking and seeking out New England’s covered bridges. She enjoys going to car shows with her husband Steve (whom she met while in the Army many years ago), and quiet times with her cat Samsonite on her lap.


Veterinary Assistant

Devin has known he wanted to work with animals since childhood. He spent a lot of time helping his mom while she worked at a horse stable.  In 2012, Devin started working at an animal shelter where he provided compassionate care to animals in need for over 6 years.  He has also volunteered for a number of years with local animal rescue groups. Devin has a soft spot for small and exotic animals, and he especially loves working with bunnies.  In his free time Devin enjoys hiking and spending time with his girlfriend and their 3 rabbits, 2 chinchillas, and their tortoiseshell cat.


Veterinary Assistant

Dan is currently a student at Alvirne High School and recently joined our team. Dan is currently enrolled in the vet science course at his school, which is his absolute favorite class. Dan loves working in animal science. He loves everything about it from the people he’s met, to the things he has been able to do. Dan plans on attending college for pre-vet after high school, and his long term goal is to become a veterinarian.

Brian Harris-Jones

Veterinary Technician

Brian is a life-long lover of animals great and small, and started working in veterinary medicine in 2010. After graduating from Great Bay Community College in 2011 he became a Certified Veterinary Technician, and in 2018 obtained his bachelor’s degree in Biology and Geoscience. Brian likes to spend his free time playing games with friends, going for walks, making puns, and diving into scientific knowledge and discoveries. He joined Canobie Lake Veterinary Hospital in early 2019 and has been enjoying the new experience of working with exotics.


Veterinary Assistant

Patricia has always had a deep love of animals!  Patricia started dog walking and pet sitting when she was just 12 years old, that’s when she knew she wanted a career working with animals. As Patricia became older, she started working at doggie daycares after graduating high school at Pinkerton Academy where she studied animal behavior, science, and management.  Patricia enjoys working as an assistant and is looking forward to what the future may hold for her as she grows into the animal field!  Patricia plans to continue her education to become a vet tech and on her free time she enjoys hiking, exploring new places and going on adventures with her Siberian husky named Neptune and with  her 7 year old son and boyfriend.


Veterinary Assistant

Samantha is currently a student at Nashua High School South. Samantha’s passion is veterinary science. While in high school she is taking classes such as zoology and biology to learn more about animal science. After high school Samantha intends on attending college to study veterinary medicine. Samantha’s eventual goal is to become a veterinarian.


Veterinary Assistant

From a very early age Kent has wanted to work with animals, but could never find the right moments or opportunities. After graduating from Middlesex Community College for business, and experiencing many different kinds of job paths such as day care teaching and patient services, he finally got the opportunity he was looking for at All Pets. With this new career path, he is currently looking into Vet Tech schools to further his education in this field.


Client Care Representative

Ayana is currently attending Southern New Hampshire University for her Bachelors in Communication. She is set to graduate May of 2021 and would like to get into public relations for an animal rescue. Ayana has always had a love for animals and before working with us, was a bather at Petsmart. Ayana has always wanted to work in the animal medical field and enjoys working with the animals and their owners. Ayana has three animals of her own. Marley, the happy-go-lucky Shi Tzu, Brady, the adorable Siamese Cat, and  Petunia, the crazy chihuahua. In her spare time, she loves cuddling with her pets, reading books, playing basketball and singing! She is excited to continue to meet our clients and their beloved pets.


Veterinary Assistant

Erin has worked in animal care since 2007 when she started volunteering at the M.S.P.C.A. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife in 2009, but fell in love working with local pets and their families.  She has worked as a caregiver & adoption counselor for 10 years. In her free time, Erin enjoys volunteering on M.R.F.R.S.’s Catmobile, volunteering with Lowell Humane Society, hiking, gardening, camping, drive-in theater, and hanging out with her 2 cats Belladonna (Took) & Mr. Wentworth and her 2 beta fish Blitzkrieg & Lauper.


Client Care Representative

Kay is a Neuroscience and Behavior major at the University of New Hampshire with plans of becoming a certified Veterinary Behaviorist. She is passionate about animal behavior and cooperative care. She is a certified Fear Free Level 3 Professional and Cat Friendly Veterinary Professional, as well as a member of the Animal Behavior Society (ABS), Association of Animal Behavior Professionals (AABP), Animal Behavior Management Alliance (ABMA), and International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). Kay lives in a full house with her husband, two kids, two dogs (Zoe and Appa), and five cats (Franky, Mischa, Stitch, Connor, and Washburne).


Client Care Representative

Travis has over 10 years of client service experience, and recently decided to chase his dream of becoming a vet tech and helping animals every day. He watched a lot of documentaries on wolves as a kid, and hoped to study them as a career. Through school, he developed an admiration for koalas, and currently sponsors 18 in numerous koala hospitals and sanctuaries in Australia. His hobbies include; talking about koalas, and singing along to NSYNC songs.


Client Care Representative

Kendra has always had a deep love for animals, all shapes and sizes. Before becoming a Client Care Representative with us, she was a licensed Phlebotomist and worked for 2 different hospitals while pet sitting professionally on the side. She has had client service experience for nearly 6 years and has a passion for communicating. She is an avid alumni of the National Technical Honor Society and graduated as a Medical Assistant/Phlebotomist from Ross Medical in 2016 and completed her internship at Reliant Medical Group. Kendra grew up with an array of exotic pets, including parakeets, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, and cockatiels. She lives with her Russian Blue feline, Mimi, who she loves more than anything. Kendra enjoys arts & crafts, 90’s music, snuggling with her cat, and taking long drives to get iced coffee.