Lasers and Pets!

The latest and greatest pain relief for pets are LASERS! Class IV Therapy Lasers reduce pain and laser4inflammation caused by a variety of issues. Lasers are used to treat arthritis, hot spots, anal gland problems, lick granulomas, non-healing wounds, strains, sprains, aid in fracture healing, bladder inflammation, ear infections, and back and neck problems. Theses are just a few of the conditions in which lasers can help. They are safe, painless and fast. A single treatment takes blaser2etween 5-10 minutes and can instantly relieve pain and inflammation. Even better is that your pet requires very little “restraint” to have a single treatment. They are completely awake, must wear eye protection (believe it or not, they actually tolerate it well) and will only feel a slight warming of the skin during the
treatment. Some treatments must happen for several days while others are recommended to have days in between. If your pet is suffering from chronic pain or some type of inflammation, Class IV laslaser3er therapy may be the solution over chronic medication. For more information on our laser at any of our 3 hospitals check out