Wellness Exams for Pets in Nashua, NH

Because your pet is like a family member, regular wellness care is essential to give them the attention they deserve. Pet wellness exams give us the time to talk about any unusual changes in your fur baby and give them a thorough examination. It also gives you time with your veterinarian to discuss a detailed schedule of care for your pet. This is especially important for a new pet, because other essential services like vaccinations and when to spay and neuter can be confusing. If you adopted your bundle of fur, you may not be sure of their history. In that case, pet wellness exams give us the time to zone in on needed care.

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Preventative Pet Care

All Pets Veterinary Hospital in WindhamAnnual wellness exams for adult pets and two to three yearly visits for senior pets can alert us to medical conditions we wouldn’t otherwise know about. Many conditions can be less severe with early treatment. A thorough examination can also indicate the need for maintenance services that can prevent potential conditions altogether. Some of the things we look for in a pet wellness exam are:

  • Tartar buildup, which means your pet is ready for a dental cleaning.
  • Irregular growths, which can indicate tumors.
  • Weight gain, which means your pet may need to change their diet or exercise.
  • Weight loss, which can indicate an underlying condition.
  • Dandruff or other skin problems.

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Following Up with Advanced Diagnostics

If a pet wellness exam indicates an underlying medical condition, we’re equipped to find out exactly what that condition is with state-of-the-art diagnostics. Because our laboratory is on-site, we can give you the results of bloodwork in the manner of minutes. No need to stress out wondering what could be hurting your loyal companion. One of the reasons diagnostics is so useful in pets is because they can’t tell us what hurts and they may not exhibit any outward behavior letting you know they’re in pain. Diagnostic services can be especially useful in senior pets, because bloodwork can tell us conditions they’re more likely to acquire as they age, like diabetes, thyroid problems or kidney disease. Please contact us with any questions about pet wellness care at All Pets Veterinary Hospital in Nashua. We’re here for your pets.