Small Animal and Exotic Veterinarian and Animal Hospital Near Dunstable, MA

At All Pets Veterinary Hospital located near Dunstable, MA, our mission is to nurture the human-animal bond by providing complete, low-stress care to dogs, cats, pocket pets, birds, and more. We are an AAHA accredited animal hospital, which means we practice veterinary medicine at the highest standard. Our veterinarians and staff follow the latest protocols to ensure that we are giving our patients and clients the most compassionate and high-quality treatment at every visit.

Your pet can expect a lifetime of exceptional care that is tailored to their specific needs, so they can enjoy a longer, happier life at your side.

Comprehensive Veterinary Services for the Pets of the Dunstable, MA Community

Veterinarian and animal hospital Dunstable, MA

Our goal is to give pets a healthy start and help them maintain a high quality of life for as many years as possible. We make this easier with the wide variety of services we offer:

How We Provide Stress-Free Care to Your Pets

Stress-free care for your pet is possible, thanks to the efforts of our veterinarians and staff. With science-backed techniques, we are able to reduce anxiety in many of our patients. Here’s how we do it:

  • We use minimal restraint when handling pets whenever possible
  • Only one pet at a time is treated in our treatment area
  • We’re careful not to make any sudden movements, which can startle pets
  • Our team members communicate with your pet in soft, reassuring voices (this really works)

To experience what we have to offer or to learn more about our stress-free care, call (603) 882-0494!