AAHA Accredited Veterinarian and Animal Hospital Near Hollis, NH

The human-animal bond is something to be treasured and preserved for as long as possible. At All Pets Veterinary Hospital, located in Nashua, our veterinarians and staff enjoy welcoming the pets and people of Hollis, NH into our animal hospital not just as patients and clients, but as part of our family. We practice stress-free care on a daily basis to make vet visits easier for the variety of animals we treat, and our hospital is AAHA accredited, a mark of distinction that underlines our commitment to the highest-quality care. Our team provides a wide spectrum of health care services, from preventive treatment to medical care, surgery, and dentistry.

Veterinary Services We Offer to the Hollis, NH Pet Community

Veterinarian and animal hospital near Hollis, NH

Your pet’s health is a precious responsibility, both for you and for our team. To give every pet a healthy start and maintain their condition for years to come, we provide:

What Makes Our Care Stress-Free?

It isn’t just a bold claim. Our veterinarians and supporting staff are all trained to perform the many various services we offer in a way that effectively lowers stress in dogs and cats.

Some of our stress-free methods include:

  • Handling pets with minimal or no restraint (if possible)
  • Bringing only one pet at a time into our treatment area
  • Avoiding sudden and quick movements, which can startle nervous pets
  • Speaking to our patients softly and assuring them of their safety (this is proven to help pets stay calm)

Want to know more about our stress-free policy? Want to experience it with your pet? Call 603-882-0494!