Veterinarian and Animal Hospital Near Litchfield, NH

The veterinarians and staff at our animal hospital near Litchfield, NH look forward to welcoming you and your pet into our AAHA accredited practice. We’re committed to the highest standard of veterinary medicine and patient care, which includes low-stress handling, individualized health care programs, and comprehensive services that meet all your pet’s major needs, including dental care, preventive medicine, surgery, and much more.

Veterinary Services We Provide to Litchfield, NH Pets

Veterinarian and animal hospital Litchfield, NH

At All Pets, we value the human-animal bond and believe that pets are more akin to family members. This means that every dog and cat deserves compassionate, thoughtful care that maximizes their health and quality of life.

Our services include:

Dedicated to Stress-Free Care in Litchfield, NH

Stress can prevent your canine or feline family member from getting the care they need to enjoy a healthy long life. In order to reduce this stress as much as possible, our veterinarians and staff have undergone training in stress-free handling and overall care.

Some examples of what we do to reduce stress in pets include:

  • Gentle, minimal handling of pets during treatment
  • Having one pet at a time in our treatment area
  • Not making quick or sudden movements
  • Speaking in low, calming tones to help pets relax (yes, this really works!)

For more information about stress-free care or to schedule an appointment for your pet, give us a call at 603-882-0494!