Veterinarian and Animal Hospital near Milford, NH

Whether your pet is a dog, cat, guinea pig, or parakeet, all of the above are welcome to our animal hospital near Milford, NH! Our veterinarians are skilled in treating a variety of animals and providing them with individualized life-long care. And to further set the standard for exceptional veterinary medicine, we’re accredited with the American Animal Hospital Association, which sets us apart from a large majority of animal hospitals in the entire US. At All Pets Veterinary Hospital, we take our love of pets and people and use it to improve lives and make our community a better place. If there’s anything we can do to give your pet a better quality of life and more time with you, we’ll do it!

Veterinary Services for Dogs, Cats, Birds, and Small Mammals in Milford, NH

Veterinarian and animal hospital Milford, NH

Every pet deserves a life of happiness and good health. With our many veterinary services, we can set them up for a long and healthful life and be poised to prevent or address any problems that might arise.

Our services include:

Why Stress-Free Care is Important

Our veterinarians and staff are committed to making veterinary care stress-free for all pets. Stress can be harmful to your pet’s health and prevent them from seeing their vet for essential treatment. With less stress, pets are happier, more relaxed, and able to get the care they need.

Some of the ways we reduce our patients’ stress:

  • Using as little restraint as possible when handling pets
  • Bringing one pet at a time into our treatment area
  • Not making any sudden movements or loud noises
  • Speaking to pets in a soft and comforting tone of voice


If you’d like to learn more about stress-free care or would like to schedule an appointment, call (603) 882-0494!