Veterinarian and Animal Hospital Near Pepperell, MA

Happy pet, happy life. That’s how we see it at All Pets Veterinary Hospital near Pepperell, MA. Our veterinarians and staff enjoy helping you care for your pets and getting to play a part in keeping you together for as many years as possible. Our animal hospital serves dogs, cats, pocket pets, birds, and other exotic species with a lifetime of quality, low-stress care. We’re accredited with the American Animal Hospital Association, too, so you know you can expect the best at every appointment.

We can provide everything from wellness care and vaccines to dental care, surgery, allergy and skin care, and in-depth diagnostics. If you’re seeking a vet that treats your pet with the care and compassion that you do, look no further than All Pets Veterinary Hospital.

Veterinary Services for Dogs, Cats, and Exotic Pets in Pepperell, MA

Veterinarian and animal hospital Pepperell, MA

You can learn about all of our services by clicking the links below. We aim to cover every aspect of your pet’s care, so they can truly live their best life.

How We Provide Stress-Free Care to Your Pets

Stress-free care for your pet is possible, thanks to the efforts of our veterinarians and staff. With science-backed techniques, we are able to reduce anxiety in many of our patients. Here’s how we do it:

  • We use minimal restraint when handling pets whenever possible
  • Only one pet at a time is treated in our treatment area
  • We’re careful not to make any sudden movements, which can startle pets
  • Our team members communicate with your pet in soft, reassuring voices (this really works)

To experience what we have to offer or to learn more about our stress-free care, call (603) 882-0494!